D:Lab Fellows Workshop on Nov 18, 2015

Where?: Mcnulty Foundation Design Lab in the engineering building

When?: Nov 18, 2015, 10:10am – 11:40am

This workshop afforded three Fellows to kick start or re-analyse their projects by applying design thinking frameworks with the help of other interested members fo the Ashesi community. See the projects below.


By: Jesse Clifford Akosa

Brief: I have observed that in many situations, attitude towards work or academics can be inhibited by unstable emotions and hence depleting effective human production. In some situations, people are driven to extremes such as suicide and murder. Consider bipolar patients who have to always keep their sanity in check through drugs and other avenues. They cannot let their emotions overcome their thinking and cause disruptions in their lives and that of friends and loved ones. Given these issues, I have set out to find a module which will be able to trigger desired emotions in humans using audio and visual aids. This is not to say emotions are bad, but why should we let them dictate our actions when we can control them for our benefit and that of society?


By: Itumeleng Ralebitso

Brief: I am currently working on an initiative I started during the summer called SPRING BLOOM. A group of 6 youth from SOS Children’s Village Maseru, Lesotho, came together to get other youth from underprivileged backgrounds to finally proclaim that, “Winter has come and gone, not to crush us but to provide us with the necessary conditions for spring. The SPRING season is here and we are ready to help each other BLOOM.” Most people from disadvantaged backgrounds in Lesotho are unable to eventually excel in school, work and in life generally; not because they do not have capacity and skills but because their scarring backgrounds have left them without the very much needed self-worth and self-efficacy. SPRING BLOOM exists to help these people to heal and rise above their situations. We hope to do this by helping them get involved in their own development; a psychological approach that has proved effective. Based on my own experiences as an SOS child, and from numerous conversations with the SOS youth, I have realized that a lot of them are talented but are not motivated to try and develop and use their talents because of lack of self-esteem. We have already started and there are a number of challenges, hence I seek to use design thinking process and other design tools to find a way of intersecting psychology and arts; my passions, as well as business administration to make the project sustainable.

Title: Inculcating fun and entertainment into the busy stressful academic life of an Ashesi student.

By: Chris Nana Ampadu

Brief: Most Ashesi students find the location of the school campus very far away from their social lives. The campus barely has any recreational centers and going out to meet friends to have a good time requires a lot of money for transportation, a lot of spare time to cover the distance and an upgraded endurance for terrible roads.
Alas, a nice outdoor event is organized for students and nobody turns up, because if you are not doing a group/individual project you either have an assignment/discussion/quiz/exam/presentation to prepare for.
Frustration then sets in; you are far away from your social life in a remote location, and you cannot even make time to relax when a social event comes to you. This often leads to the academically productive albeit the stressful life of most Ashesi students and I aim to use design thinking and analysis to find ways to bridge this gap and create a more holistic university experience.

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