D:Lab Fellows Workshop on Nov 26, 2015

Where?: Mcnulty Foundation Design Lab in the King Engineering building

When?: Nov 26, 2015, 1:30pm – 2:30pm

This workshop afforded three Fellows to kick start or re-analyse their projects by applying design thinking frameworks with the help of other interested members fo the Ashesi community. See the projects below.

Title: Design Thinking Ashesi PR
By: Michael Quansah
Brief: Ashesi’s Public Relations team is the main communications arm of Ashesi. We handle both internal and external communication on Ashesi’s behalf through a number of media; social media (web), print, a couple of times radio and also television.
Our current modus operandi is tailored towards storytelling and should be able to inform and inspire audiences ranging from high-school students to potential donors, and to parents and college students.
Currently, we rely on the Ashesi website as the main portal for all of our communication and engagement with our ‘followers.’
We want to use design thinking to expand our reach and also engage and recruit followers for Ashesi on all our platforms with fresh, strong and relevant content consistent with the Ashesi dream.

Title: How to build a community around digital fabrication at Ashesi
By: DK Osseo-Asare, Project Lead, D:Lab FabHub
Brief: Digital fabrication is science fiction in real life, and it’s already changing the world in mind-blowing ways. Just as major technological breakthroughs like the wheel, printing press, steam engine and computer revolutionized how we think, see, feel, communicate, move and live so too digital fabrication represents a major transition in human history. The power of computers and the rise of the Digital Age has been celebrated because it allows machines to network human intelligence, and do thinks quicker, faster, cheaper and more reliably.
Digital fabrication goes even further—it enables computers to move beyond cyberspace and directly make things in the real world. Already today millions of 3D printers around the world are being used to help build household objects, furniture, cars, planes, buildings, food, clothing and even “living” human body parts and organs made out of cell tissue. Ashesi is poised to play a leadership role in this next phase technological progress, in Africa and beyond.
I want to use design thinking to understand how to build a community around digital fabrication at Ashesi.

Title: Open Virtual Reality
By: Kabiru Seidu and Jonathan Dotse

Brief: We are passionate about VR technology and the potential it has to transform the ways in which we craft and share our ideas, stories, and experiences. Our aim is to support the development of a sustainable VR ecosystem that will enable people in Africa to take part in this new media revolution.

We are thinking of an Open VR Project to be structured into three sub-projects, software development, hardware design, and content production.

We want to use design thinking to help us develop a long-term roadmap for our project.

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