D:Lab Fellows Update Session

Students with projects in the D:Lab updated the community with what they had done with their projects.

What: 4 back-to-back 5 min presentations on projects
When: 11:15am -11: 40am on Wednesday 24th February 2016
Where: McNulty Foundation Design Lab

D:Lab Farm Modelling Project (in collaboration with Sesamu) : Exploring agriculture and using design thinking to model farming practices in response to unique food demands in the market

D:Lab Deep Dives Project: Building capacity to undertake social innovation projects. We are currently collaborating with the Burro Brand team to learn ethnographic research methods for doing work in rural communities in order to discover opportunities for innovation.

D:Lab Business Modelling Project: Developing a business model for hands-on science education as a pilot to build skills for business modelling. The Fellow will lead a project to explore micro-franchise models for scaling social enterprises. The PEN Education project from MIT, which is also currently participating in an incubator program at Growth Mosaic in Osu, is providing us with this opportunity.

D:Lab Dumsor Project – Unlocking the mystery behind low solar power adoption on the equator: The Fellow will lead a project using design thinking to explore this issue in with technical assistance from Stadler RE from the Netherlands and Dr. Hanne Lauritzen from the Danish Technical Institute.

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