Workshop With New Fellows – 23/03/2016

Where?: Mcnulty Foundation Design Lab in the engineering building

When?: Wednesday 23rd March 2016

Time: 10:30am – 11:40am

The following two projects are two new Fellow

Title: Life Lifters
By: Cynthia Muhonja
Brief: My project goes by the name Life Lifters. It has its main focus on women empowerment though once in a while we work with the boy child. Life Lifters focuses much on the growth of an individual and we do this through a series of activities such as mentoring, training and leadership academies. The project borrows much from an organization called Akili Dada where I got my motivation. I believe I can use design thinking change people’s lives and that was the reason I started this project. I have hopes of it growing into an organization. I want to find a way to empathize more with my users to develop a sustainable mentoring program.

Title: The Shack
By: Emmanuel Nunoo
Brief: This is a student-led initiative that is trying to develop a service/product that shall provide entertainment for students during their leisure time. It initially started out as a gym designed for the Ashesi community, however, keeping design thinking in mind, there was a need to not just present a solution that seemed to be ideal but to engage in research to find out the actual problem and an ideal solution. We want to use design thinking to help us develop a long-term roadmap for our project.

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