Content Series – Framing + Research tools- Observation, Depth interviews, Experiments, Analogies, Diary Method (Presented By Fauzya Mudasir)

Fauziya led a discussion on Analysis Tools for design thinking such as Empathy Map, Journey Map, Value-Aspiration-Experience, Activity Clock and Persona.

What? – The Design Thinking Content Series powered by the Ashesi D:Lab
When? – Tuesday, 29th March 2016
Time? – 5:30pm – 6:15pm
Where? – McNulty Foundation Design Lab (Eng 102)


Speakers: Fauziya Mudasir

Fauziya Mudasir:
Miss. Fauziya Mudasir is a freshman here at Ashesi University Class of 2019. Miss Fauziya has led many creative projects in high school and is currently in the Deep Dives project team with the D:Lab where she works with a team to come up with innovative solutions for rural communities. She also loves Design Thinking and wants to use it in any project she works on.


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