Content Series – Design Thinking Analysis Tools II (Presented By Jessica Quaye & Audrey S-Darko)

Jessica and Audrey lead a discussion on Analysis Tools for Design Thinking; Mind Map, Venn Diagram, Relational Venn Diagram, 2 by 2 Matrix, Analogy

When? – Tuesday, 12th April 2016

Time? – 5:30pm – 6:15pm

Where? – McNulty Foundation Design Lab (Eng 102)


Jessica Ayeley Quaye, a freshman majoring in Electrical Engineering is passionate about design thinking, particularly its power to trigger and nurse innovation in the field of Engineering. She’s the Public Relations Officer and a founding member of “The After Nine Effect”, a venture which was birthed out of design thinking at Ashesi. She started out FDE I with mixed feelings and a great deal of skepticism about how “creative” she was. Her love for design grew with time as she saw a transformation in the way she viewed things and her ideology about creativity. Now, design thinking has been of great benefit to how she tackles her project on automating Ghana’s public transportation system.

Audrey M. S-Darko is a freshman at Ashesi and is the manager (CEO) of The Destressor Hub, an FDE venture. Audrey currently has a business in the Ashesi Venture Accelerator (AVA) where she applies the design thinking process to solve the problem of unhealthy eating at night. She has a proclivity for social design, generating great ideas to solve societal problems. As a budding entrepreneur, she believes that employing design thinking processes would play a critical role in the positive transformation and development of society.

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