Ashesi D:lab Content Series (Innovation for Social Change)

Emmanuel presented a very compelling case for the need of innovation in bringing impact and change in society. He tapped from his growing experience in agriculture to lead a discussion around the process one can use to innovate around a social challenge.


Placing attendants into small teams, Emmanuel assigned them the task of analyzing cases of need in particular sectors of agriculture and finally to innovate interventions for the challenges using any ideation tool of their choice.


Emmanuel Derry Wanye, the speaker for the event, is a daring and adventurous youth studying Management Information Systems and in his sophomore year at Ashesi University. With his ever-bulging passion for agriculture, he hopes to hone knowledge, skills, and expertise to transform agriculture in Ghana and beyond. He is currently the project lead for the Ashesi Design Lab farm modeling Project; which has created an organic farm to serve as a learning center for other students to have hands-on learning along the agricultural value chain. He believes “learning” is what prevents a lean and indecisive brain; tossed to and fro by the tides of ignorance into the grips of poverty”

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