Sense-Making: Analyzing Research Data


What? – The Design Thinking Content Series powered by the Ashesi D:Lab

Speaker? –  Purity Musau

When? – Monday, 7th November 2016

Time? – 4:25 PM – 5:30 PM

Where? – McNulty Foundation Design Lab, King Engineering Building 102

Topic for this week? – Sense-Making: Analyzing Research Data.

Purity Musau is a sophomore majoring in Business administration. She is passionate about design thinking and a great supporter of the Ashesi Design Lab. She is interested in design and fashion and thinks that the world is ruled by design thinkers. She is an active member and leader of the Ashesi Agribusiness and Sustainable Development ‘Club’ in the school. She believes highly in leadership and thinks that leaders do not need a position to perform. With the knowledge and skills gained in the design lab and the FDE course she hopes to be part of the small circle of people who are going to change the world by solving community problems through design thinking. Purity was part of a team of students who took part in improving the teaching of FDE over the summer break.

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