Fellow’s Projects Update Session

D:Lab Fellows shared progress made with their projects and the next steps for their projects.


What? – Project Update Session

When? – Wednesday, 16th November 2016

Time? – 2:40 PM – 4:10 PM

Where? – McNulty Foundation Design Lab, King Engineering Building 102.

The following Fellows who are applying design thinking methods and tools to enhance their projects were invited to present their progress:

  • Pearl Gemegah & Dr. Suzanne Buchele – Designing an African academic gown system for various graduation levels
  • Antoinette Doku ’14 – A human-centered Montessori School Curriculum
  • The Ashesi Farm Modeling Project
  • Charles Djokoto – SunRise Hub, aiding financially disadvantaged high school graduates to pursue dream career paths
  • Comfort Appiah – LociFarm, an organic poultry farm
  • Jobe Wuyeh – Gambian Fruit Farm
  • Araba Torson – Women in Agriculture
  • Daniel Botchway & Yesmin Alhassan –  Exploring user behavior in the adoption of a Customer Relationship Management System at Ashesi
  • Sena Agyepong & Sofia Dery – Restructuring the entrepreneurship capstone for the next two academic years
  • Rose Dodd – Validating the Ashesi Institute brand and developing collateral for it


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