DJ Mixes and Mashups!

To spice up your events and for great background music in your videos, you might want to borrow the skills of a DJ in mixing tracks and creating music mashups.


What? – DJ Mixes and Mashups!

Makers? – Nii Apa Abbey ’15 & Carl Yao Agbenyega ‘15

When? – Friday, 18th November 2016

Time? – 11:20 AM – 12:40 PM

Where? – McNulty Foundation Design Lab, King Engineering Building 102

This discussion was on techniques help you create good mixes when using a typical DJ software such as Virtual DJ. Concepts tackled included choice of tracks per occasion, beats per minute (bpm), beats and timing, setting cue points, using loops and recording your mix.

Nii Apa Abbey is a creative technologist who holds a strong interest in game design and development. Blender 3D and Cinema 4D are his favourite CGI tools he uses to materialise his creativity in his free time. He is a DJ!

Carl Agbenyega coordinates projects in the D:Lab as the Design Making Coordinator. Apart from his interest in web development and product design, he listens to a wide variety of music and mixes tracks for fun.

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