Analogizing and Biomimicry


What? – The Design Thinking Content Series powered by the Ashesi D:Lab

Speaker? –  Genesis Nchopereu

When? – Monday, 21st November 2016

Time? – 4:25 PM – 5:30 PM

Where? – McNulty Foundation Design Lab, King Engineering Building 102

Topic for this week? – Analogizing and Biomimicry e.g. Aravind and Shinkansen


Genesis Nchopereu is a Cameroonian and sophomore Engineering student at Ashesi. He is very passionate about design thinking and entrepreneurship. At Ashesi, Genesis is an MCF scholar, President of the International student community, FDE lead Coach and the Clinton Global Initiative University campus representative. He is the founder of V-Clic, one of AVA’s ventures, and Agrichot, an agribusiness venture. Prior to coming to Ashesi, Genesis ran design thinking workshops in Cameroon and South Africa, including tailored workshops for Pioneer Nations and LEVI’S. He also interned for Coca-Cola South Africa in 2015.  Genesis aspires to be one of the top entrepreneurs in Africa in 2025

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