Content Series – Card Sorting


How everyone perceives information is different and our brain puts the different information it is presented with into different categories. Card sorting is one tool we can use to actually see how our brains divide different kinds of information into different classes.

Card sorting can be applied to all disciplines, be it planning for daily activities, or that you want to find out how people think your content should be organized and to get user insights before making certain decisions.”


The speaker, Gumiso Chisi is an ambitious and goal orientated lady who believes in equal opportunities. She also believes that economics shapes today’s world and will continue to shape the future. To her, economics and creativity are an important combination, thus, her love for design thinking. “It seems that design thinking spans across every discipline and should be a number one starter pack to any project. When I am not engulfed in planning my future business endeavors I cook and bake, read novels, swim or listen to music.”

During the session, different teams of students were given a set of cards and had to put these into categories which were appropriate.Though the same cards were given to each team, they came up with were completely different categories with different names.”It is not easy and some of the words seem not to fit into any of the classes we have created” said one of the students, when asked to describe how the process was like.


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