Biomimicry: A Way of Generating New and Sustainable Ideas by Genesis Nchopereu

This is a project that seeks to explore diverse ways of idea generation for innovative outcomes using biomimicry as inspiration. The following is an abstract of a research paper that is being written by Genesis Nchopereu ’19 and Dr Gordon Adomdza, the lead of the Ashesi Design Lab.

The answers to all questions around sustainability in our social, economic, environmental and scientific spaces lie in nature. Biomimicry is a way of replicating nature’s ecosystem, materials and processes into sustainable solutions that solve complex human challenges. This paper explores the meaning of biomimicry and examples of nature-inspired designs. It explores how biomimicry can be used to generate the next big idea and the implications of the biomimicry approach for sustainability in designing post-modern solutions. This paper will also cover how the Ashesi Design lab (D:lab) plans on using biomimicry to generate high impact ideas. Considering the fact that nature solves every problem, understanding how it does it sustainably is the first clue that this paper provides. How we seek inspiration from nature and transform the inspiration into feasible, working models with extensive applications are the ultimate goals of this paper. Therefore, it will conclude with how Ashesi D:Lab is building a design model for biomimicry to facilitate easy application of biomimicry in generating new ideas.


Biomimicry, Sustainability, Nature—inspired, Implications, Postmodern, Nature

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