GN Electronics Product Design and Development 2017 Summer Project Description

Title: Ashesi Design Lab (D:lab)/GN Electronics Design Thinking Project (Summer 2017)

Overview (GN Electronics):

GN Electronics, a subsidiary of Groupe Nduom, is a Ghanaian company located in Elmina, in the Central Region of Ghana. GN Electronics assembles electronic products including set top boxes, televisions, and soon a variety of household products.

Overview (Ashesi Design Lab):

The Ashesi Design Lab is an initiative which combines the concepts of design thinking and design making; design thinking or strategy design for problem-solving, and design making or fabrication for making things more tangible and building out the creative outcomes of the different processes involved in both concepts.

Project Scope:

The D:Lab is exploring a partnership with GN Electronics to conduct Design Thinking Projects aimed at discovering the electronics products within the health sector that GN Electronics can build locally. We propose to apply design thinking tools to develop a solution that meets the needs of users in the health industry. The project will be divided into two periods, the first (6 weeks) will be focused on research and product development and the next (4 weeks) will be a hands-on practice with the electronics club at Ashesi University.

For the first 6 weeks, d:lab interns will do research and identify opportunity areas in the health sector that GN electronics can explore and develop prototypes to be tested. For the next 4 weeks, the electronics club at Ashesi will develop tangible, working prototypes for GN electronics.

Project Details:

Project Start Date: 22nd May 2017

May 22: Research and observations to identify opportunity areas GN electronics can explore. Data gathered will also be analysed using design thinking analysis frameworks. Write a brief report on findings and insights to back 6 areas of need which can be explored by GN Electronics.

June 12 (Presentation 1): Interns present 6 opportunity areas to GN electronics. GN electronics will select 3 opportunity areas for interns to explore further.

June 19 (Presentation 2): Interns will present 2 ideas for each opportunity area identified. There will be 6 ideas for GN to rank.

June 26:  Prototypes will be developed and interns will prepare documents for the electronics club to work on. Hand over ideas and documentation of product designs to Nicholas’ team The document will entail product specifications and requirement definitions for the electronics club to use to develop a tangible product or solutions.

June 7: Package shared with GN electronics and the electronics club

July 10 – August 10: The electronics club work on actual tangible products to present to GN Electronics

August 11: The electronics club/team travel to Elmina to present their solutions and designs to GN electronics.

Project End Date: 11th August 2017



Interested students are required to submit their CVs to




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