D:Lab Series- TransferWise

The D:Lab kicked off the 2017-2018 academic year by hosting an innovative and informative talk by Laur Läänemets of TransferWise. TransferWise is a unicorn organization which embodies designCapture

They have achieved massive success in six years, growing from a startup with 2 founders to an organization with 700 employees as well attracting huge investors eg. Richard Branson. This  gave them practical knowledge on How to build a product that customers like, which they were able to share with Ashesi students.


Laur Läänemets, a product lead at Transferwise, inspired students to implement design thinking in their projects even whilst at school.  Their efforts and achievement in keeping their charges lower than the banks for transfers are commendable. They have attracted customers and motivated students to think critically on how to improve current systems. Transferwise is also committed to ethical leadership by maintaining transparency throughout the company, showing students practical implementation of ethics being taught at Ashesi.


Finally the company provided opportunities for students of Ashesi expanding their diverse organization with over 50 countries represented. It was a pleasure to host Laur Läänemets and to hear his invaluable insight into how to build a customer centered brand and we are excited about the promising start to the D:Lab  programs.


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