Design Lab Content series: Using Youtube to Posts to Motivate Good Presentations.

This week’s D-Lab content series featured Two amazing personalities who each spoke about their experience doing a social media presentation, on YouTube to be precise. They were Yoofi and Gumiso.


He came by the content series IMG_9170to give us some tips on how to be good presenters, especially on social media. He first began by stressing the importance of preparation for your presentation. Since he gave a live presentation he realized that he could not leave room for errors, so he took his research seriously. He also highlighted the importance of using slides in a live YouTube presentation, to which a participant, Fafa, asked whether it would not have been more engaging to use a board and marker. He replied by saying a board and marker is good for in-class presentations, but it was not recommended for a video presentation because it may not be visible in the video. He was also asked about the selection process to which he replied that since they were the pioneering group, they were just selected in class, but subsequent ones were more open.

One takeaway from Yoofi’s talk was that social media presentations were an excellent way to grow one’s social media presence, it could be added to your profile on LinkedIn, increasing one’s chances at building connections.



Gumiso spoke about her experience presenting in a YouTube video. She had a wonderfulIMG_9192 time doing her presentation. Her interest in presenting came up during her time as a participant in the D-Lab Content Series. She watched the design lab fellows come and present week after week and that inspired her to try it out. She presented on the concept of card sorting.

She took her experience from in-class activities and previous content series to aid her in the presentation. She was asked how one could also be chosen to present and she replied saying “You just have to show interest and be enthusiastic in your participation in D-Lab events”.


Gumiso and Yoofi showed us that anyone could be a good presenter as long as they had the interest and the confidence. This has been another content series  brought to you by the Design Lab.


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