Ashesi D:Lab Fellow’s Workshop

The fellow’s session began with the moderator, Yoofi, warming up the audience with some activities. He then called on the fellows to come introduce themselves and their projects.

Meet the fellows:

IMG_9566Matthew Ndekudugu: Matthew is a freshman who is constantly trying to use technology to push the boundaries of innovation. He is currently working on building the first mobile barbering van in Ghana.

IMG_9567Samuel Owusu-Acheaw: Another exciting freshman with a keen interest in diplomacy and motivational speaking, Samuel wants to help make people aware of their unique potentials and to use them to the fullest. He realizes that most people have very low self-esteem and high inferiority complex and wants to solve this problem.

IMG_9559Pearl Abbam : Pearl is a junior here at Ashesi who is interested in community building. She is currently running a community library which provides children in her community access to books and study resources. She is looking to improve the value the library renders the community as well as its impact.

IMG_9564Rosemary Anku: Rosemary is a sophomore here at Ashesi who is passionate about improving the health of children. She is currently working to start a project, the”PaediCare Africa Project” which aims at providing avenues for vulnerable children in society to have access to quality healthcare.

IMG_9561Theresa Sarudzai: Theresa is an engineering sophomore, who has a project which centres around children. She makes toys from recyclable materials  which children can play with. She has previously produced some for the KayaChild Care Organization, which brought a lot of smiles to the children.  She would like to find more innovative ways to build toys to bring smiles to even more children.

IMG_9568Owusu-Banahene Osei: Osei is a freshman who is interested in improving the agricultural sector. He is taking advantage of the vast opportunity the modern world is providing and is currently working on a way to bridge the gap between peasant farming and industrialized agriculture. His aim is to build a more efficient African agricultural society.

The introductions ended and the audience broke up into groups to help the fellows bring up ideas to push their projects forward.

After the program, the fellows came to present the various ideas they had come up with in the group sessions with the audience.

Samuel Owusu-Acheaw: They built an empathy map which drew out what ordinary people in Africa thought about the West and what they believed they could enjoy there. But we have a lot so we can just build what we sought in the West, right here on the continent.

Matthew Ndekudugu: They worked on the BMC and saw that they had a lot of value to provide the consumer, which translates into revenue for expansion.

Pearl Abbam: They drew up the service blueprint canvass. They have an online base to store feedback from students or kids. They also provide lending services.

Rosemary Anku: They came up with health campaigns, health forums and health insurance. But they are going to narrow it down after more research

Theresa Sarudzai: Came up with a P.O.V which specifically stated the problem as low income parents need a way to keep their kids busy while they work, so they need low cost toys for them. This POV will work as a direction for future designs.

Owusu-Banahene Osei: They drew up a two by two matrix which mapped out how resources which are not available to peasant farmers more readily available to them.

After the presentations, which showcased some top notch design thinking and innovation, we had a talk from the D:Lab facilitator, Dr. Gordon Adomdza. He thanked the participants for showing up and bringing up such innovative ideas. He reiterated that the D:Lab fellows was designed to be a workshop for students who had ideas, but could not find the spark to make it work.IMG_9695


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