Ashesi D:Lab Maker Skills Sessions (Part 2)

Students joined the Ashesi D:Lab on Friday the 6th of October 2017 at the engineering workshop for the Maker skills session. We joined Matthew and his partner Christian as they showed us what they envisioned their product to be.

The lab assistant, Nicholas, first took us through some safety tips to adhere to whiles using the workshop. He stressed the importance of being aware of your surroundings at all times. He also spoke about the protective clothing it was advisable to wear at all times in the workshop, gloves when working with some cutting machines, and the face gear which was advisable to wear at all times. He then demonstrated how some of the machines worked. He was especially excited to show us the C.N.C mills, which are able to accept measurement as data and use those measurement to build a shape from a metal placed in them. He then told us there are more resources available in the workshop to aid students who have projects which required building stuff, so we should make use of them.

After Nicholas was done, Matthew and Christian displayed the prototype of their product and showed as the general concept of how they wanted it to work. They envisioned the final project as being a jacket with an inbuilt temperature regulation system, which circulates hot or cold air, based on the weather. The cold air was going to be produced by hydrogen gels, which is a naturally cool compound whiles the hot air was going to be produced by nichrome wire which had electric current passing through it. They gave a demonstration of how the fans were going to circulate the air, and to be honest it worked really well.

After Matthew and Christian finished with their presentation, Fafa pitched a project he and another team had been working on, in hopes of getting new members on board from among the participants in the maker session. His project was a health kiosk which would have equipment in them for individuals to check their health vitals. Now these have the long term aim of reducing the time which was spent in lines in hospitals, waiting for vitals to be checked.

We wish Matthew and Christian all the best as they begin to design the product, the D:Lab will continue to support them with resources and consulting sessions. Join us next time as we assist another maker realize their vision.

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