Ashesi D:Lab Maker Skills Sessions

IMG_9426This week’s maker skills session featured Mathew Ndekudugu, a freshman who is on the path to being a great innovator. Mathew and Christian Bagaya are currently working on a product which regulates body temperature Mathew realized that there was a problem of coping with the extreme heat and cold on the African continent. So, he carried out extensive research to find out the current solutions to that problem. He looked to Western countries and Japan, where they had some products in line with what he wanted to do. He saw that they had jackets with fans in them. But those jackets were too bulky, so he and Christian are trying to find some innovative ways of making the product smaller and more affordable.IMG_9434

His prototype, which consisted of them using ice cubes and a fan to generate cool air and allow it to circulate, was not available but he gave a vivid description of it. He was asked a lot of questions by the audience, about his customer research, other technologies and the practical application of the product. He said they spoke with people who were enthusiastic about the product, but decided to start testing it out in Ghana first, before rolling into other African countries. He was also advised to look into the technology used in heating blankets and its possible application in the product.

Mathew has come up with a great idea and a great product, so join us next Friday, 6th October, as we help him build a prototype for it . This has been another maker skills session brought to you by the Design lab.


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