D:Lab Opportunity Desk

Opp Desk

Today, the D:Lab was excited to launch a new initiative, the D:Lab Opportunity Desk. Though students in Ashesi are taught how to use design thinking to solve problems, the Design Lab wanted to give students the opportunity to use the skills they learned practically. From this, Opportunity desk was born, a platform where students can learn about various competitions or opportunities where students can apply their skills practically.

Abigail Oppong, a freshmen hearing the WEGE International Prize Competition from IMG_0236friends brought it to the attention of the D:Lab Management Interns who organized a short information session to inform the community about WEGE and create a team to compete in this contest. This competition seeks to solve “wicked problems” using the principles of design thinking. It is passionate about bringing together students from differing majors and different schools in order to create effective, creative transdisciplinary teams. This years wicked problem is How can we create a circular economy?


IMG_0242Zoe Tagboto, one of the D:Lab Management Interns for the Opportunity Desk hosted this information session, educating students about the program, application deadlines, and resources in order to assist them with the team application process. The interest shown by students, was exciting with numerous students signing up to participate in this competition and we wish them all the best with their applications.


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