Ashesi D:Lab Fellow’s Workshop in conjunction w/ Ashesi D:Lab Opportunity Desk

The fellows session started off with a visit from the Practical Education Network. They gave an introductory presentation, there are Heather and Samuel. They came here to recruit participants of the program which is ran in collaboration with Columbia University. The challenge they are trying to tackle is the occurrence of “chew and pour” in schools, especially in STEM fields. The project involves the use manuals and videos mapped directly to the Ghanaian curriculum to make teaching and learning as real as possible. The approach used is training teachers, who pay a fee for the training, and those trainees in turn train other teachers.

They are thinking of scaling, and the main points through which they identified are; training of trainees, partnering with Varkey Foundation Ghana and Micro Franchising. Micro Franchising is the option they are trying to develop at the moment, so they want students to volunteer and aid in developing a working business model for it.


The fellows workshop, hosted by Yoofi, featured Samuel Owusu-Acheaw. The discussion centered around trying to understand the phenomenon of prostitution. This is in line with Samuel’s project the empower individuals.

IMG_9969.JPGThe participants brought up some reasons they believed people enter into prostitution but two really stood out. They were; poverty and forcibly introduced to the life. They also tried to understand why people who were forced into it at a young age do not get out of it when they grow older. They believed that it may be psychological, the individual believes he or she is not good at any other thing apart from prostitution. The incidence of child trafficking was also discussed, with the trauma the individuals go through playing a key part in the discussion. They also discussed the possibility that education is failing to equip young people with the necessary skills they need, no matter the level reached. This is due to the alarming number of school dropouts and even graduates do not have the skills necessary to survive in the working world, so they resort to prostitution. 

The session helped to widen the scope of the topic of prostitution and Samuel left with new insight into the problem.


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