Ashesi D:Lab Maker’s Skill Session

The session, which run on the 10th Of November 2017, featured GN Electronics Health Kiosk Team led by Nutifafa. They used the session to try to get acquainted o using the 3D printers in order to print future models of their project.

IMG_0203.JPGThe session began by Nicholas, the lab technician, giving a brief overview of what 3D printing is. He ran through the various parts and what they did,mentioning the stepper motors, which are what help in the printing process. He then gave a brief overview of how the printer works. The 3D printer works in a three coordinate system, x, y and z. Three motors handle movement in the three directions.  He sent us through the the steps of using the printer. 

The session centered around calibrating the 3D printer and testing it out to design simple shapes. Join us next week, as we take this a step further, to design a model of the health kiosk.



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