Content Series: Card Sorting

This week’s content series centers around card sorting, one of the techniques of design thinking. This is a build up from last week’s topic, “Research Framing”, here’s a link to last week’s presentation . Today’s presenter, Gumiso, is no stranger to YouTube content series presentation, today is her second time presenting.

Card sorting is a an exercise to try to make sense of a problem. The research stage ends with the researchers having random pieces of information. They now have to sift through it in order to make sense of the problem, to look at the bigger picture. That is where card sorting comes in. Card sorting is a form of making sense of chaos. “It is a simple technique in user experience design where a group of people are guided to create categories of problems.

There are two types; Open card sorting and closed card sorting. In open card sorting the participants create their own categories group the data into them. Closed card sorting, on the other hand involves the participants grouping the data in predetermined categories.

The main importance of card sorting is that it allows data to be grouped into themes, which provides a focus for the researcher to work on in the project. Gumiso then gave a practical demonstration of the card sorting exercise on the problem of unemployment.

That is all for content series today. Join us next week as we continue the series with Prototyping.


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