Fellows Workshop- Story boarding With PaediCare Africa Project

On the 15th of November 2017, the Design lab hosted PaediCare Africa, a project ran by Rosemary Anku. PaediCare Africa seeks to provide avenues through which vulnerable children in society can have access to quality healthcare and proper development.

The session centered around helping Rosemary draw up a storyboard for a health eventIMG_0084.jpg she hopes to hold to raise awareness and improve healthcare for children. The event will be held on the Ashesi campus. Yoofi, the fellow in charge, led Rosemary and her team through the planning process. They began by drawing up a picture of how they would want the event to look like, with routes mapped out and potential setup points at the venue.

They then got into the finer details of planning the event. Plans were made about how the transportation was going to be, the day the event was going to be held and the duration of the program. They then agreed to bring the event to Ashesi campus because the availability of the existing infrastructure will make planning easier. The final thing which was done was drawing up a tentative program list for the event.

The workshop ended with Rosemary having a framework of the event to work with. She left with that and an assurance of the Design lab’s support in further planning.


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