Tuungane Cosmopolitan Garden

The Tuungane Cosmopolitan Garden is a response by two Ashesi students, Purity Musau and Margaret Odero, to the challenge set by the Office of Diversity and International Programs (O.D.I.P), asking for ideas to foster unity and promote diversity. This challenge is part of the O.D.I.P’s initiative to engage with students more to promote diversity. Tuungane entered the competition with their idea of a cosmopolitan farm, which won the overall prize.

The Tuungane Cosmopolitan Garden is an initiative which seeks to promote diversity by using farming. The whole purpose is to engage students from different parts of Africa to grow crops native to their homelands on the Ashesi Farm Modelling farm, and in the process teaching the entire Ashesi community a little bit more about life in their respective countries. The project is being ran in collaboration with the Ashesi D:Lab, under the Farm Modelling Project.

Monday, the 12th of February 2018, marked the official launch of the Tuungane Cosmopolitan Garden project. The day was used by the different project members to educate the Ashesi community about Tuungane. Stickers were also shared to raise awareness about the project. A tour of the farm was given to some interested members of the Ashesi community, where they were introduced to some of the plants which have already been planted like Spinach and okro. The tour was also used as an opportunity to recruit volunteers to be helping on the farm. Find pictures of the launch here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/ashesidlab/albums/72157687807348300

The Tuungane Cosmopolitan Garden is an exciting project, stay tuned for more updates of the journey as they go along.


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