Hydroponics: African Solution To Increasing Food Production.

It has been a major concern for several Africans that the continent that was once known as the food basket of the world is turning into a dependency log.

The global issue in the efficiency of our farmers in producing enough food for the economy has placed the economy in danger. This level of inefficiency threatens the security of Africa’s food supply as the population keeps growing. The Hydroponics team at Ashesi University has been worried about the future of Africa and has tried to innovate better agricultural methods.paul

The Hydroponics team lead, Stephan Ofosuhene believes that Africa has so much fertile land that should be effectively put to use. He believes that not all arable land should be used for food crops but farmers should think of ways of preserving vegetation in consideration to the state of the climate. He leaves us with no worry by introducing an agricultural rack that can be used to grow food without the use of soil. 

The idea of growing crops without soil is not a familiar method in Ghana and parts of Africa but it has the potential to drastically increase the output of Ghana’s agricultural sector. This assertion is backed by evidence in literature as well as the success of similar installations in other parts of the world.


The Hydroponics team is currently testing on the combination of nutrients that would be used in the cultivation of different types of crops and the environments that are suitable for each crop. For this purpose, the team will be collecting data using an IoT installation and will later apply statistical techniques and machine learning to find the optimum nutrient needs of different plants

Currently, the progress of the Hydroponics project has caused an air of excitement in the Ashesi community as the kind of application the team is integrating to this new development is embodied in Ashesi’s learning goals. Ashesi has done nothing but to encourage all their students to develop solutions to global problems.


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