Content Series: Hydroponics Implementation (Crops without Soil)

On Wednesday, the 21st of March, the D:Lab hosted another educative content series presentation. We had a presentation by Stefan Ofosuhene on his team’s project “Hydroponics” the method of growing plants without soil. He mentioned the use of alternatives such as gravel to grow plants, with a view on how technology causes more harm than good for the environment. But with his team, he strives to utilize technology to work totally for the benefit of society.

After the presentation, we made our way to the health kiosk with the Design Lab’s media division leader, Wayne Gakuo. We saw most of the projects underway. Team Hydroponics’ project was quite interesting. Hearing about what they were undertaking during the presentation made us interns curious about how they were going about it. We saw the utilization of pipes and bottles put together to make up a connected system whereby plants can grow with the help of their alternative agent, gravel. It will be interested to see what else unfolds as the remaining weeks of the Design Lab come into play.

Steph Content

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