Content Series: Ideation Process

On 4th April 2017, Mary Lassey, class of 2021, a Business Administration student presented on the concept of ideation. Of course, if they are no ideas, design thinking process will be futile. Mary covered the methods of ideation in the design thinking process which are, brainstorming, Disney three rooms, triggered brain walking, semantic intuition, worst idea and the six thinking hats.

Under the six thinking hats, the presenter highlighted the significance of each hat in the process of ideation. She stated that the blue hat had to do with the processes taken to make ideation work, the white hat represented facts, the green hat could be associated with creativity, the red hat was symbolic of feelings, the yellow hat; benefits and the black hat was a representation of the measures put in place to be cautious of the ideas which are picked.

To make the presentation more down to earth, Mary elaborated on creativity, concepts, domain-relevant skills creativity relevant skills and intrinsic tax motivation. She reiterated that domain relevant skills as well as creativity relevant skills were factors that could affect an individual’s ideation process. This is because these skills are the facts and knowledge that affect an individual’s performance and one’s mental mindset respectively.

In the process of wrapping up, Mary stated that the importance of ideation cannot be overemphasized because even the worst idea approach, though crazy, sometimes yields the most excellent results in the end. Ideation, therefore, is vital toward the attainment of a workable solution in the design thinking process.

Story By Najahat Antiku

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