Personal Edition

Individual Edition

From the research, we gathered we realized ….

Bahari seeks to upgrade social architecture. That includes

  1.  Individual space experiences
  2. Communal, public space experiences

Individual Space experiences 

3 main things

  1. Need something to work on
  2. Mobile, movable
  3. privacy too is required
  4. Light, carriable
  5. Aesthetics

The personal edition has come through many…many iterations. Lol after all rapid iteration is the way to go


Version 1.0



Version 2.0



Version 3.0



Version 4.0


Global Game Jam ’17 @ Ashesi

From the 20th to the 22nd of January, freshman Kevin Kwasi de Youngster led the Global Game Jam 2017 event at Ashesi. The Global Game Jam is an international event and by far the largest, where game enthusiasts come together to develop a game over a weekend. To make things more interesting, participants had to make the game based on a theme that was disclosed at the start of the event. This year’s theme was ‘waves’. The Ashesi team worked on an arcade game, Tagetti. Download and play Tagetti here.