farm modelling project

The farm modelling project is a project that seeks to probe deeper into the mystery that some crops are only meant to be imported but not cultivated locally.

The team through selected design thinking processes, is going to grow spices with high market demand but is imported into Ghana.

The group currently has selected herbs and is almost done with detailed research into how the team can be cultivated under a highly controlled environment.

The immediate step to be taken by the team is to analyze results from research, take note of outstanding key findings and apply them in the 1st phase of cultivation using the earthen box. This is expected to take place after the mid semester break.

Even though we are aware of the fact that there have been many failed attempts in the past, employing design thinking as our problem solving tool can lead to a breakthrough.

And that is exactly what we are aiming for, to find an innovative way to challenge the status quo.

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