Solar Products Project

The D:Lab Solar Fellows has had an exciting first half of the semester being introduced to the two projects it would be working on from: Peter Stadler of Stadler Renewable Energy and Dr. Hanne Lauritzen of Technical University of Denmark(DTU). The Stadler project requires the Solar Fellows to come up with a marketing strategy for his already existing products into the Ghanaian market for solar adaptation : lithium battery with a large capacity and long life span as well as inverters and solar panels. Dr. Hanne’s project deals with researching into products in the Ghanaian market to which her Organic Photo Voltaic (OPV) cells could be combined with to power such devices using solar energy. The team as at now is made of 21 people who have expressed interest in both projects on-board. The Solar Fellows also stand a chance of receiving funding for the creation of a demo product with the OPV application from the Sustainable Energy for All initiative to which the D:Lab Fellows has put forth a funding application. The team is therefore ecstatic about the prospects involved in the projects and also their application of the Design Thinking process to them. The team will kick off with its ethnographic research and analysis right after the mid-semester.

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